Leap Day

  Leap Day is like electing a new President: a convoluted thing that luckily only happens once every four years. Leap Day is like missing your flight because you went to the airport at 5 pm instead of 5 am: the effect of a calendar approximation. Leap Day is like getting a two dollar bill as a change: weird, but somehow cool.   I […]

Romance Week 2016: Episode 4

What did I think? I thought this was my chance for happiness, and I said yes. I said yes without hesitation, not even for a second; I said yes with all my rational and irrational self, ready to whatever would come from that late evening. X’s home was exactly as I expected it, a perfect […]

Romance Week 2016: Episode 3

Nothing could have been more perfect. Right when the sun was disappearing into the calm ocean, when the reds and violets of the sunset were the brightest and most fascinating, X’s arm touched mine, and we stopped walking. Silence fell between us: we forgot what we were talking about, we looked into each other’s eyes and […]

Romance Week 2016: Episode 1

Love is hard. Everybody knows it, everybody always tells me: love is hard. It’s not just hard to find the right partner, among billions of potential lovers on this planet, it’s also and mostly hard to keep the relationship alive and healthy for a long time, potentially for life. The whole process is very complicated, we all […]