On writing: why I write

All writers seem to have always written, and this could be quite an accurate summary of my story, too. I’ve always enjoyed writing in school, and not only for class-related reasons: I was a teenager when I started to write my first novel. It was a complex fantasy saga, where a young female heroin embarked on […]

On writing: THE W SERIES

W was born from a very personal need. I have always loved novels, reading stories about anything and everything, from real tales about women (which ended up becoming my genre of writing) to any kind of science fiction – space opera, time travel, alternative realities, anything that showed creativity and a pinch of craziness. I have also always […]

The moving fascination of the Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics start this week.     What’s more captivating than the Olympics? The expression of the highest possibilities of mankind: who can run faster, jump higher, be stronger? The tragic passion of the winner who, standing on the highest step of the podium, enjoying her moment of eternal glory, suffers for the tears on the runner-up’s cheeks; the incredulous enthusiasm of […]