A new interview: who is Guinn?

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Today we have an exclusive interview with someone who will help us understand who was Guinn before she started to wear the black mask: we have here her former boyfriend! Of course he doesn’t know that Guinn is W, plus he asked us to remain anonymous, so we will call him John Doe.

Kickstarter: “John, thank you for accepting this interview: the readers of our newsletter will be thrilled to know something more about Guinn.” (The work/neighborhood newsletter excuse seems to be the most effective one for an interview, nowadays…)

John Doe: “Sure, but remember that I used to date Guinn a long time ago, and I haven’t seen her in… a really long time.”

K: “No worries, John. Let’s start with this question then: why haven’t you seen her in such a long time? Did anything unpleasant happen between the two of you?”

J: “Not really: she moved to New York and I basically never saw her or heard from her again.”

K: “Was it after college? Do you remember what exactly happened?”

J: “More or less: this is now several years ago, so I might not have the timeline very clear in my mind… Anyway, we met during junior year at Stanford, where we were both going to graduate in industrial engineering. At some point during senior year she had started to interview for jobs, mostly here in California. The last interview was just a couple of months before graduation, and it was in New York; she was not very excited about the idea of moving to the East Coast, but she had gotten an interview at a big management consulting firm and she absolutely wanted to give it a try.
I don’t know what happened to her: after the interview she spent the night in New York with a friend, and I’m pretty sure they went out to celebrate the good feeling she had about that job opportunity. When she got back to school, she started to act really weird: she didn’t want to go out anymore, not just with me but with anybody. She stopped speaking to anybody, she barely came to classes. I tried to call her and talk to her a million times, but she just ignored me.
A couple of weeks later she had the second interview for that job in New York – her roommate told me. Then I guess Guinn got the job and left. Is she still in New York?”

K: “She is, she still lives in Manhattan.”

J: “Right. I’m sorry I don’t have any more updated information about her: as I said, it’s been a long time. Why did you ask me, though: couldn’t you find anyone closer to her?”

K: “Apparently you’re her last known boyfriend, so we thought you might give us a unique perspective on her.”

J: “Oh, do you mean she hasn’t had anybody else in all these years?”

K: “You are the only one we were able to find for this interview.”

J: “…”

K: “Can you tell us something more about Guinn? How was she?”

J: “Well, she was very smart, among the best in all the classes we used to follow together. She had a real passion for engineering, for solving problems of any kind, both technical and business-related – which is why she was so interested in management consulting. She was also very social: she had many friends, she got along well with most of the people she knew. She was always willing to help out. We all missed her when she left California. That’s it.”

K: “That’s it? You dated her for quite some time…”

J: “Yeah, but you know, I was a kid, what do you want me tell you? I liked her. I really liked her. Anyway, that’s a long time ago.”

What an interview! What happened to Guinn during that first night in New York? Did she just meet somebody and decide to move to the City? Or did anything else happen? Can that be the night she got her superpowers?

Stay tuned for more!