About Me

Annalisa Conti, author of novel AFRICA and ALL THE PEOPLE, and short story series THE W SERIES

I am a woman who writes about women, real human beings facing drama and challenges, finding happiness and rewards, succeeding and failing. Normal people.

I am a very honest person who puts many of her own real and common feelings and fears in her novels. That’s why you will find a piece of yourself in my words.

If you like Jane Austen for her honest humor, Gillian Flynn for her descent into human darkness, and Elena Ferrante for her focus on storytelling, you will find my tales wildly entertaining.

I am the author of ALL THE PEOPLE, a novel built around a woman’s secrets. Reviewers say “you cannot put it down”, it is “capturing reader’s attention since the very first lines”, and it has a “very deep and accurate psychological perspective”.

My second novel, AFRICA, was an Amazon Kindle #1 in its category. Reviewers say it is a “fascinating” “astonishing” story of a life-changing journey to the end of the world, “powerful and dramatic, and well integrated into this incredible “decorum””.

I publish quarterly episodes in the collection of short stories THE W SERIES, which describe the world of W, a superhero like no other. Guinn McGovern, a modern woman living in New York, suits up at night to fight for justice in a corrupted city. Reviewers say it is “a classic action story but somehow very different from anything else”, with a “writing style packed of action and visual clues as if it was taken right out of a Marvel comic strip”.

I live and write in New York City.

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