An interview with Mr. Sepulveda: who is Guinn?

A new update was just published on Kickstarter: an interview with Guinn’s boos!

Kickstarter: “Good morning Mr. Sepulveda, thank you for speaking with us today.”

Mr. Sepulveda: “It’s my pleasure to help out for your neighborhood newsletter, so I’m happy to tell you something about Guinn. Where do you want to start?” (reporter’s note: yes, we did use a very similar newsletter excuse with Mrs. McGovern a few days ago, we thought that worked out quite well)

K: “When did Guinn start to work with you, and what is her role?”

S: “Well I personally hired her a couple of years ago, and she’s my executive assistant. I will tell you what I usually tell her: with her background she could do much more in this company! But work is not her priority: she doesn’t seem to want responsibilities here, which would require longer hours. She’s happy with how much she works and how much she makes, or at least that’s what she tells me all the time.”

K: “And why do you think a young woman would not been interested in having a successful career?”

S: “I think she has a lot going on in her life: I’m not sure what it is, because she’s always very private, and I decided to stop asking questions after a few months. But I’m sure there’s something: maybe she’s taking care of a sick family member, or she has a young child, or a very time consuming hobby…”

K: “And you’re ok with her work-life balance, I suppose.”

S: “I am: she’s by far the best assistant I’ve ever had. She graduated in engineering or something, and she’s very smart. Apparently she doesn’t need a high-level job or a mouth-filling title to be satisfied of herself!”

K: “Can you tell us something special about her?”

S: “Something special? Well, she’s never sick: in two years she’s never lost one day. And if I think about it, I’ve never even seen her with a cold, or any pain. As I said, she’s really a special woman!”