Friday August 24, 2007

Some days I wish things were easier.

James came in with his family’s lawyers today: they look very trustworthy and hopefully they will be able to find out more about what happened at the warehouse. I asked them to keep me informed of any progress: I want to make sure that I can be there to help James, whatever truth they might discover. Because my patient remains my biggest concern: he’s been under continuous  stress for several weeks now, and I am worried that all this emotional tension could cause another, more disruptive hypomaniac episode. This would be a true issue in this very moment: what if anything else should happen? I fear he wouldn’t know how to handle another uncertainty, and he would be crushed by the weight of the unknown.

I do really hope attorney Ramirez and his associate can find out what happened. We talked for quite some time after my session with James: they wanted to know everything he has told me so far about the events both at the building in Harlem and at the warehouse. I told them everything I knew, but it’s unfortunately so little. They will have to rely on their own investigations to help James.

On a lighter note, I expect Detective Mason to let me know when he finally finds Mrs. F in London: I’d like to know that things are good for her.

Hoping that this weekend and next week will bring more clarity on all fronts,
Dr. Alexander Williams