Friday September 28, 2007


Friday came and James with it, and it was not a pleasant conversation.

He’s getting more and more worried, just like me, about what else could happen to him: he’s concerned that, if another hypomania episode should happen in the very close future, he would be prey of The Organization, again, and they would force him to commit some other crime. He’s a good kid, he’s not a murderer, and his conscience is making things even more complicated for him.

I’m as worried as he is, what can I say? But of course I couldn’t tell him so, I had to try to comfort him and make him feel surer and safer. And so I did. I like to think he left in a better mood than the one he was showing when he had entered my practice, one hour earlier; I hope I’m not too optimistic.

I don’t like Fridays like this: days full of worry which announce even more worrisome weekends. I will try to enjoy these early fall days, and clear my mind from everything that’s muddling it.

Dr. Alexander Williams