Monday August 20, 2007


It was a strange weekend.

I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I didn’t want to do much, so I spent the weekend on my own, rolling in my heads the two thoughts that have accompanied me all week: something that could be good (Mrs. F’s life changing decision), and something else that could be very bad (James’ future hanging unsteadily). Needless to say, being alone didn’t help, but I don’t think having somebody around would have been a much better experience for either of us.

I walked alone. I took the A down to Chambers street, and I got surprised by the number of tourists hanging around the construction sites, the huge holes where once the World Trade Center used to jump up from the ground. I always have the same feeling when I go there: I feel my blood freezing in my veins, and then burning with emotions.

I kept walking down on Broadway: a quick look at Wall Street on my left, the Bull, Battery Park flowing slowly, the monument. A sad sunset was waiting for me down there, loneliness my only mate.

We will see what this week will bring,
Dr. Alexander Williams