Monday August 6, 2007


I can’t stop thinking about James and the shooting. The words he spoke on Friday are still very clear in my ears: “I received instructions to go to a certain place on that Thursday night: an apartment building in East Harlem. There was a shooting on that Thursday night in that same building”.

I thought about it all weekend: what if he’s really involved? Why did he go there? Was somebody indeed looking for him when he came to see me a couple of weeks ago? What’s his role in all this story? Too many questions.

So many, in fact, that I had to look for some answers. Google provided me with some additional information: five people died in that shooting. The killers have not been identified, yet.

What if one of them is James? He is so young, so troubled.

He had also received instructions to go to a certain warehouse in new Jersey the following day, I’ll ask him about that on Friday. I truly hope that nothing happened there: this must be a big coincidence, a big misunderstanding.

I hope so.
Dr. Alexander Williams


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