Monday October 8, 2007



Hope is a spark.

I’ve said it already and I repeat it to myself as often as I can: hope is a spark.

It’s a ray of sunshine in the morning, a slice of blue sky that catches your eye at the beginning of your day, it’s that warm sunset light that walks home with you later in the afternoon.

Hope is knowing that life keeps going on, unchanged, untouchable. It’s remembering everyday that you have a purpose on this planet, that each individual has a role in the bigger scheme of things, that everyone is useful, and worthy.

Hope is remembering that a solution always exists: it might be hard to find, it might require great effort for being implemented, it might need time to give results, but it does exist.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by events, and I try to repeat this mantra to myself: not all is lost.

Hope is a spark: it can burn cities to the ground.