My name is Darkness

Hi there!

Oh, you thought I was gone?

Nope, still here.

Who am I, you ask?

I am that sense of desperation when somebody dies, that feeling that creeps up even stronger when the person dies because of you, or because you couldn’t save them.

I am the loneliness that suffocates your breath.

I am the sensation of falling that you sometimes get in dreams, when you have the impression of precipitating in the void, forever.

I am the tear that rolls down your cheek, warm like blood, sharp like a blade.

I am your worst enemy, and I live right inside you, in that comfortable spot at the bottom of your heart. There I can hide, undisturbed, untouched. And from there I can jump up at any moment, hands around your neck, teeth on your skin.

You have no escape.


Who am I, you ask?

My name is W. You will learn to fear it.


W eyes


W, Episode 1, will be available on Amazon on June 15