Romance Week 2016: Episode 2


Is this love?

The question fogged my head all day long, as flashes of X’s eyes and the deep world they were hiding kept coming to my brain, while I was trying to focus on my daily tasks at work.

Can this be love? Can love burst into existence this suddenly? Maybe it had been growing inside both of us for a long time, but we couldn’t see it until we were ready for it; maybe with each word we had spoken in the past, each time our eyes had had a glimpse of each other’s truth, a fragment of this love had gotten implanted in our souls. And now, this morning, it was finally big and strong enough to start living its own life. Love is strange.

My day untangled itself slowly. Sometimes I had to shake my head to try and free it from X: memories of our past conversations, dreams of a future together wouldn’t leave me alone. Until it was time to go home. And there I saw X, standing in the place where we parted ways in the morning, waiting for me. Waiting for me: this feeling of exclusive purpose permeated me. We hadn’t made plans in the morning, but we had left each other with the concrete desire of spending more time together, to nurse this love that had just been born. I suddenly felt happy; not a childish contentedness of receiving a gift or a promotion at work, but a sincere happiness, the realization of life expressing its meaning, of a new future looking brighter and fuller. Not alone, not anymore.

We went for a walk on the shore, and everything seemed to be showing off for us: lukewarm water caressing our feet, massaged by soft sand; sweet wind on our skins; eyes hypnotized by a decadent sunset, an explosion of colors and music. Nothing could have been more perfect.