Romance Week 2016: Episode 3


Nothing could have been more perfect.

Right when the sun was disappearing into the calm ocean, when the reds and violets of the sunset were the brightest and most fascinating, X’s arm touched mine, and we stopped walking. Silence fell between us: we forgot what we were talking about, we looked into each other’s eyes and we gazed into each other’s deepest fears and dreams for a long second, unable to look away.

Then we kissed.

I hadn’t kissed anybody in a very long time, and it felt like tasting my favorite food again after a hard diet. X’s sweet breath mixed with mine, our skins touched and felt each other, and our bodies responded with their fully loaded power: fluids pumping, brains running at the speed of light, hormones and receptors getting ready for a complete spectrum of emotions. The longer we kissed, the more I felt I needed more: more time, more of X, more of us. Love feeds itself.

“I am sorry I kissed you so suddenly, I should have asked you first, but I couldn’t wait.” X said after a while. Politeness and manners are very important for both of us, especially in the society we live in.

“I was about to do the same”, I immediately smiled back, “You were just a second faster than me.”

X smiled, too, and right then I understood something that each individual who’s ever been truly in love knows: your lover’s smile is the most beautiful thing you can ever see. Especially when you are the reason why your beloved one is smiling: it gives you a sense of full accomplishment, it makes you feel invincible and ready to face any challenge to show your love to the whole universe. Love is powerful.

It was getting dark, so we went in a cafe for food and drinks, and warmth and music, and we had a wonderful night: we told our stories to each other, and I was surprised to realize we are even more similar than what I already thought. We both grew up in small towns where we could lead normal and quiet lives, such a luxury nowadays!, until the time came when we had to go to college, and we had to move out to bigger cities. We majored in very different subjects, in very different colleges, and we held very different jobs for the first few years of our careers, but we ended up working for the same company. I found this ironic: we couldn’t escape each other. Irony is very powerful, too.

“I apologize, but we are closing in ten minutes”, a very embarrassed waiter whispered to us at a much later hour than we thought it could be.

“It’s so late already”, I didn’t want it to end, not yet.

“We don’t have to go home, yet…”

“You’re right, we can look for another cafe, or maybe even a bar!”, I was so excited: X could almost read my mind, or maybe he was simply in the same mood.

“We could. Or we could go to my place: it’s close by, and no waiter will show us out at any time. What do you think?”


What did I think?