Romance Week 2016: Episode 4


What did I think?

I thought this was my chance for happiness, and I said yes. I said yes without hesitation, not even for a second; I said yes with all my rational and irrational self, ready to whatever would come from that late evening.

X’s home was exactly as I expected it, a perfect mirror of the individual that inhabited it: standard size, just like mine, but with a very personal touch in its furnishing. Elegant and exotic at the same time, the unit carried memories of X’s past travels: paintings and sculptures from civilizations far away. I immediately felt comfortable in it, and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling with excitement.

“You’re so full of light, you shine when you smile. It’s such a pleasure to be with you!”

Those words hit me like the smell of fresh flowers: I was not used to receiving compliments, and X’s honest words filled my heart.

“It’s a pleasure to be with you, too: I hadn’t spent such a perfect night in… Forever.”

I realized it while I was saying it: I had never experienced a moment of full happiness like that one before. I didn’t know what to do, so I kept looking at X straight in the eyes, smiling, hoping my body and my instincts would somehow know how to behave in that situation, how to respond to actions with reactions. It felt weird to be just staring and smiling, but X seemed to be doing exactly the same thing, so I decided not to worry too much about it.

It turned out I didn’t have to worry at all: our bodies knew what to do. We sat on the sofa, we smiled a little longer, sipping another drink and enjoying each other company. As minutes flew by,  a solid sensation started to fill up the room: desire. We got closer and closer and we almost touched a thousand times, somehow debating between embarrassment and attraction. We finally kissed again, and it was a different type of kiss from all the previous ones: it was a kiss that said “Never leave me”. Love is strong.

That sounded like a promise we were making to each other, and we kept honoring it all night: we kissed and kissed; we smiled and laughed. We slowly started to move towards the bedroom, accompanied by a thick cloud of passion. X couldn’t let me go, not even for a second: we were trapped in each other’s arms, in each other’s eyes, until we became one. Inseparable.

Afterwards we were lying in bed, tired and welcoming the first symptoms of sleep, when X looked at me in a different, new way. A smile.

“I love you.”