On writing: the female protagonist

  In an ideal world, this wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation. It shouldn’t matter if the protagonist of any story is a man or a woman, as long as their tale is compelling, their voice is unique and interesting and they are able to produce emotions in their readers’ or listeners’ hearts and minds. Unfortunately, this […]

On writing: AFRICA

AFRICA, my second novel, came from a very basic what if: what if my life were to radically change overnight, what if I lost the most important things and people I have today? What would I do?   In June 2014 I had just come back from my honeymoon, and as you can imagine it was one […]

On writing: ALL THE PEOPLE

My first novel, ALL THE PEOPLE, came from a simple idea: what would some of my favorite literary characters look like if they were living in contemporary New York City? The first one who came to my mind was Daisy, softly painted by Francis Scott Fitzgerald in one of the best American novels, The Great Gatsby. The Daisy […]

On writing: why I write

All writers seem to have always written, and this could be quite an accurate summary of my story, too. I’ve always enjoyed writing in school, and not only for class-related reasons: I was a teenager when I started to write my first novel. It was a complex fantasy saga, where a young female heroin embarked on […]

On writing: THE W SERIES

W was born from a very personal need. I have always loved novels, reading stories about anything and everything, from real tales about women (which ended up becoming my genre of writing) to any kind of science fiction – space opera, time travel, alternative realities, anything that showed creativity and a pinch of craziness. I have also always […]