The first year

About one year ago I started my journey as a writer, and so many things happened in this one year!

A website
I created this website in a succession of cold snowy nights in January 2015. Clearly my website building skills were very limited at the time but, thanks to a stubborn persistence and a lot of self-training sessions on blogs, websites, help sites, you-name-it, I was able to create the first structure of what is now
I handpicked the colors, the fonts, the feeling that I wanted the site to communicate to my readers, and I think it is now a faithful emanation of my own self: some darkness mixed with some bright spots of excitement.

A Twitter profile
I remember debating furiously with myself on the need for Twitter to become a part of my life. I’m still not fully convinced that was a great idea, but I learned to like the conciseness of the medium, and the possibility to feel in contact with virtually anyone in the world.
My twitter profile mirrors my interests: movies, books, science, a pinch of nerdy stuff and a sip of #writerslife.

A Facebook page
This is turning out to be my closest connection to my readers, who can like and share my posts and my ideas, making me feel I’m doing all this for a reason!

An Amazon Author Page
I felt this was almost a mandatory requirement of the job, so I created it without thinking about it twice. It’s good to have all my books collected under the same umbrella on Amazon, with a little blurb about me – and they say writers are not egocentric…

A second book

An Italian translation of the first book

A Photo Edition of the second book

Several short stories
I discovered a passion for short stories: they are like dreams, they flow fast and you have to capture them before they vanish. I love short stories, reading them and writing them.


What will 2016 bring?

For sure: more short stories, to be published in one or possibly two collections. A sneak peek? Just one letter: W.
And a new novel: the first of a sci-fi trilogy. Sci-Fi is my favorite genre, so it was only a question of time before I decided to play with it.

I hope you will stay with me in this ride through 2016 – Happy New Year!