The moving fascination of the Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics start this week.


Olympics flag


What’s more captivating than the Olympics?

The expression of the highest possibilities of mankind: who can run faster, jump higher, be stronger? The tragic passion of the winner who, standing on the highest step of the podium, enjoying her moment of eternal glory, suffers for the tears on the runner-up’s cheeks; the incredulous enthusiasm of the one on the last step, who barely believes she made it there, and sings her national anthem out loud; the dark disappointment of the one who came in fourth, forever forgotten.

The purest beauty resides in the simplest gestures: the point of a shoe gets set on the starting block, perfect grip on the road; a hand grabs a fistful of chalk, ready to fly and grasp the lowest of the uneven bars; lips open up to inhale one more time before going back underwater.

Drama presents itself in many forms, as well: a fall, a slip, a hundredth of a second can build a very thick wall between winners and losers, dust and honors.

The Olympics are the most complete representation of human nature, with its immense range of feelings and emotions, and I can’t wait for these amazing human beings to defy limits and surprise us all, yet again.