Thursday October 4, 2007



Finally something seems to be happening: the Police found some clues on the microphones! I don’t even need to say how relieved I was when Counselor Chambers called me, earlier today, to share the good news: it’s not much (that’s what she said), but at least it’s a clue, and the officers at the Precinct should hopefully be able to find some more information on whoever is hiding behind this story. She didn’t explain much, but apparently they were able to find the wholesaler who purchased the microphones directly from the producer, and they already obtained a permit to search through his files to find out to whom that specific batch was then sold. The objective is still the same: identify the people who put the microphones in my office, to spy on my patients. This sounds crazier each time I think about it: how did they discover a way to use bipolar patients during their hypomaniac episodes? How could they channel these patients’ aggressiveness up to gaining full control of their brains and having them commit crimes?

I’d like to participate more to the investigations: the Police world sounds really fascinating to me, and it reminds me a bit of my own medical work – having to analyze problems in great depth, to find out what is wrong with a given patient, or with a given case. I hope they can unmask The Organization soon enough: my heart breaks every time I see James as worried and in a negative mood as he was last week, and as he certainly will be tomorrow, as well.

I’d like to be able to be optimistic on this, for once…
Dr. Alexander Williams