Tuesday August 28, 2007


Sometimes I think about the future and I see it very clear in front of me, I see my journey through life as straight as the Brooklyn Bridge: you know where it takes off, you know where it brings you, from the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan to the green heart of Dumbo.

Other times it’s foggy, like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco: you might not even see where it begins, let alone where it will drop you.

I don’t know how I feel about James right now. I know I’m worried, but it’s not that easy; I also feel somehow responsible for this young man that is trusting me with his life, with his own future. That’s true: I’m not the only one with his life in my hands, his family’s lawyers hold on to a very relevant piece of it, as well. But I still feel I need to do something for him, and it’s so hard not to be able to do anything.

I count the days from now till Friday, always waiting for good news.

With the highest of hopes,
Dr. Alexander Williams