Tuesday September 18, 2007



I can’t believe this.

I’m starting to get some replies from my colleagues, and there seems to be a pattern: a few NYC-based bipolar patients have reportedly engaged in extremely unusual activities during hypomania episodes. Some of them have completely lost their memories of those episodes. Some other patients have memories of committing small crimes or unusual actions, like stealing from local shops, verbally attacking their neighbors, not going to work, … It’s so clear to me that they’re all connected, but how?

Counselor Chambers is strongly convinced of her theory, which she shared with me when I stopped by her office this afternoon, after I was done with my patients. She thinks the most likely option is for my colleagues to be under surveillance by a criminal organization that has some interest in this specific type of patients. I have to agree with her: none of my colleagues had any strange reaction that could lead me to suspect their complicity with the organization, so the only possible explanation is that they’re not aware of what’s going on. I should say “we” are not aware, since somehow James and I are both victims of this organization, too.

My psychoanalyst brain started to think about this on the way home, since the C train took some time to bring me back to 59th street from Fulton. How can The Organization (this is starting to sound like a spy movie…) leverage these patients’ hypomania? There are some medical theories according to which hypomania episodes might be related to a specific neuronal electrical pathway in the brain of bipolar patients. This has not been fully confirmed, yet, but what if The Organization were funding some advanced research in this direction? What if they had discovered a way to influence neuronal activity with specific electrical or chemical stimulation, to channel aggressive behaviors coupled with passive reactions? This could explain the memory loss, the aggressiveness, and James’ blind obedience to criminal orders.

This is scary.

I need to check if there are cameras or microphones in my practice, this could explain how they knew about James!