Wednesday October 31, 2007


What a day!

The Police and Counselor Chambers completed their investigations and arrested several members of The Organization!

I still can’t believe it!

I’m using too many exclamation points, so I will try to calm down for a second.
Very well.

Counselor Chambers called me today: she apologized for not having kept me up-to-date with the investigations, but she really couldn’t reveal more details than what she already shared with me. When she gave me the news her voice sounded truly relieved: this is finally over. I thought about James right away: his worries for the future are now over, but what about the crimes he already committed, albeit unknowingly? The Counselor didn’t seem worried: “For once we can rightfully play the mental disability card. And we have an actual psychoanalyst on our side”, she added with a wink. I hope things turn out well for James: I would hate for him to be the victim of this terrible situation, once again.

It’s impressive how The Organization (it still doesn’t have a name – I guess it’s not like in the movies, where the bad guys always pick fancy names for their criminal families) worked: I will talk about this more next time, because it’s really baffling.

A day to celebrate!
Dr. Alexander Williams