Wednesday September 26, 2007



I never think things are easy, not anymore, especially with all that’s happening with James. Still, I thought it would not be too complicated for the Police to conduct analysis on a few microphones. I thought it was going to be somewhat similar to the medical analysis that I would prescribe to a patient: blood panel, pressure, weight and height, maybe urine if that’s the case, and in a few hours I would get my response – maybe the glucose is high, vitamins B and D are low, calcium and potassium are high, urine is clear, and so on. Surprisingly, it’s harder to analyze a small microphone than a complex human being, but that’s technology: everything has been conceived to replace us, after all. So, contrary to what I was expecting, there is still no news on the microphones.

Counselor Chambers told me her buddies at the Precinct are still looking into them: apparently it takes time to look for fingerprints (they found none), serial numbers (they found some) and technical details that might help identify the people responsible for buying, and maybe even placing, the microphones we found in my office and in my waiting room. They’re going through the serial numbers with the manufacturers of the small devices, to get some information on the wholesalers that have purchased them. The counselor said the second part will be harder, from the wholesalers to the shop to the actual client, but they will try as hard as they can.

I trust them, I trust the counselor and the Police, of course, but I’m worried that all these operations are taking so long: what if in the meanwhile James has another hypomania episode, and The Organization is able to detect it and force him to execute on their criminal intents, once again? What if in the meantime other patients with the same pathology are subject to the same treatment? Other innocent people can die, like at the warehouse where James was commanded to go; some of these patients can experience irreversible traumas, which could lead them deeper down the hypomania and mental disease pathway.

I am just so worried, I wish I could do more, I wish the Police could do more.

I hope nobody else gets hurt.
Dr. Alexander Williams